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Why choose us?

At Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights, we provide quality Catholic education within a strong culture of learning. Enthusiastic and talented teachers tailor learning to the individual and set high expectations to challenge, motivate and encourage them to strive for excellence.

Inspired by our charism, staff and students are called to live out the gospel values the Freeman Way: through God, Mary, People and Personal Best. By participating in the rich academic, co-curricular and spiritual life of the college, students aspire to inspire and make a difference in the world.

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg Heights, where we aspire to provide a quality Catholic education that promotes service, excellence, and living out the Gospel values. We believe that a good education provides opportunities for all students to thrive, develop a love of learning, encourages collaboration between students and teachers, and helps each student to realise their full potential.

Freeman challenges all of our students in two ways. Firstly, to be a good person. Our Catholic faith is central to all we do, and is visible in our relationships with one another, our service to the community, and active participation in our faith. Each day all members of our community are challenged to be witnesses to our faith; to be compassionate, empathetic, respectful, forgiving, kind and patient. We believe the focus on these high standards helps our young people to become responsible, ethical and productive members of our society, and ensures a safe and welcoming learning environment where everyone belongs.

The second challenge is to be a good student. We ask all students to strive for their personal best, and we are unapologetic for our high expectations as it is coupled with high support and has led to consistent academic excellence for all students, particularly in the HSC. Every student is challenged to consistently apply themselves, focusing upon effort and a positive attitude towards learning. Success is setting personal goals, developing resilience and a strong work ethic and working hard to achieve them.

Our College community is blessed to have a very dedicated staff, who are passionate about their role as teachers, and are committed to supporting our students and celebrating their achievements. Our teachers are very generous with their time to not only promote excellence in the classroom, but also in the arts, music, sport, and oratory domains so students can pursue their talents. We value the partnership with our families, as together we guide our wonderful young people to aspire and achieve. Freeman is a great community, where our staff, parents and students work together to fulfill our College Motto: to Proclaim the Good News.

Ms. Melinda Melham


History and Charism

Freeman Catholic College was established to serve the parishes of John the Baptist (Bonnyrigg Heights), Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Mt. Pritchard), Mary Immaculate (Bossley Park) and Our Lady of Victories (Horsley Park).

Cardinal Freeman officially opened Stage 1 of the school on 30th June 1985 with 105 students and nine teachers. Today, the school is well resources with modern facilities catering for the needs of 1400 students with teaching and support staff of 135,

Freeman has developed a learning culture that prioritises the success of all students; promoting excellence, collaboration and personal best. Our college has sustained a culture of excellence and success for over a decade, consistently achieving a ranking in the top 100 schools based upon HSC results. Freeman provides a learning environment where staff and students work together to set and achieve goals and ensure the pursuit of talents in the academics, music, arts, sports and oratory skills.

At the heart of our community is our faith, evident in our pastoral care and involvement in our local parishes.

Our goal at Freeman is to provide quality Catholic education. We believe that good education is about setting high standards and challenging, motivating and encouraging students to achieve those standards.

The essence of our culture is encapsulated in the term the “Freeman Way”, which is founded on four pillars so that all staff and students come to know:

  • God: The Catholic faith underpins all that we do at the college and staff and students are encouraged to look at the faith of Cardinal Freeman as a source of inspiration. 
  • Mary: As a community we value prayer and we share the same devotion to Mary in prayer that Cardinal Freeman did. 
  • People: In our relationships we demonstrate respect and integrity with a deep concern for the disadvantaged. 
  • Personal Best: We see effort and striving for personal best to be the essential key to the development of the whole person; spiritually, academically and in co-curricular activities.

We have a positive partnership with the parish priest, assistant priest and pastoral council in our local parish, John the Baptist Bonnyrigg, to promote unity, mission and engagement. The priests engage in dialogue, planning and decision-making within the school.

Parish Priest
Father Dominic Dinh

Mass Times

  • Monday, Tuesday: 8.00am
  • Wednesday: 7.00pm
  • Thursday, Friday: 9.10am
  • Saturday: 9.10am and 5.30pm Vigil
  • Sunday: 8.00am, 10.00am, 5.30pm, 5.30pm

Contact Details
A: 45 Mount Street, Bonnyrigg Heights, NSW 2177
P: (02) 9823 2572
E: info@johnthebaptist.org.au 
W: www.johnthebaptist.org.au

Proudly Part of the Community of Sydney Catholic Schools

Our school is part of a system of 147 low-fee Catholic schools in the Sydney Archdiocese.

Sydney Catholic Schools are thriving Catholic communities that ignite a love of Christ through excellent teaching and learning to empower students to reach their full potential.

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